Place that Offer Quality and Affordable MBA Education Abroad to Indians

With business being the most preferred taken career choice, there are a growing number of choices for aspirants seeking to pursue MBA programs abroad. If you are also looking to pursue MBA abroad and are wondering, which places are the best and most affordable to go for it, then this post is definitely for you. While researching about the best universities to study abroad, the most important factor to consider is the cost involved. Though MBAs from the UK and US are the most pined for, the factors like tuition cost and living expenses involved might appear like an overwhelming prospect. This huge cost of program may make you take education loan, which you have to pay off after completion of the degree.

With the tuition fees of the top-rated MBA colleges in US and UK is touching the sky, it makes sense for all of us to look for more affordable places to pursue MBA. The flipside of looking for an affordable place to study abroad is that you need to ensure that the education you get is of high quality and meet international standards. No matter how low a university’s program fee and cost of living is, the actual benefit you will get by opting it is if the education it offers meet the international quality standards. Students, who choose to study in the US or UK- the most popular destinations for Indians to pursue MBA program abroad- end up choosing one of the most expensive universities across the world. The estimated cost of MBA degree in the UK and US along with living expenses and tuition fees is somewhere around $60,000(approx.) in the US and £54,000(approx.) in the UK. In order to help you choose one of the most affordable places to pursue MBA abroad, we have put together a list of nations offering quality MBA education at affordable fees without making a big hole in your pocket and leaving you with a burden of education loan.

Germany: Germany has over 40 top-rated universities among which 9 ranks in the top 100 of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016-2017. Although Germany provides free education in Public Universities with specific admission requirement. The cost of pursuing MBA in Germany in Private universities is somewhere around Euro12,000 which goes up to Euro 30,000,.This amount may only make tuition fees in counties like the UK and US. However, the cost of living in Germany is higher in comparison to other nations and it may cost somewhere around Euro 9000, the tuition fees still balances all the expenses to a great extent.

Sweden: Sweden has some of the world’s most renowned universities. Swedish higher education system is taken as one the best in the world, and various Swedish universities have been ranked at the top by the Times Higher Education and also by Academic Ranking of World Universities. In spite of all this, yearly higher education costs somewhere between $9000-30,000, however, the annual cost of living is approximately $12000. With this much huge difference for high-quality education, Sweden has everything to offer you at low cost.

Poland: As compared to Sweden, the Polish education system is also very well-known. Although there is a huge language difference, various educational programs are taught in English, among which two ranked in the top 100 programs by the Financial Times. An MBA degree earned from Poland costs approximately $19,000 while the yearly cost of living is somewhere $6000. So, it is a good deal to steal.

Denmark: One of the most preferred study locations in Europe is Denmark. It offers high-quality degree programs in English. Danish universities are recognized for offering top-rated MBA programs and their students are demanded all across the world. Although, the cost of living is quite high in comparison to other countries. You can think of paying approximately Euro 6,000-16,000 for the program and about Euro 6,600 annually for cost of living.

France: France is one of the more preferred destinations for people seeking to pursue an MBA program abroad. The nation has an exciting and diverse population of students, so it is comparatively easy to settle in rapidly, particularly if you know it’s language well. Although, various universities provide English-taught MBAs, therefore not knowing French is not a restriction. An MBA degree from France can be obtained at approximately Euro 9,000-12,000. Living costs differ from city to city.

Conclusion: While all these places are the top picks by Indians for pursuing MBA program abroad, there are numerous others that are economical. Just make sure you research and consider both the fees of the program as well as the place of living, therefore you know precisely what to assume, both about the quality of education as well as the fee you will be paying.

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